01 Patient-Centric Healthcare
Peggy explains healthcare providers realize patients require more personalized care and that connected devices can be harnessed to provide a more patient-centric approach. She says virtual visits could radically change the way doctors and patients interact in the future.
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02 Tech Influences Sports
Rebecca Hopkins, CEO, Sports Technology Awards, says technology has hit the sports industry in a big way. She explains wearables are still a big part of the space and are made for different levels of physical activity from leisure to elite sports players.

03 Tracking Your Body’s Progress
Farhad Farahbakhshian, CEO, Naked Labs, explains the 3D fitness tracker is designed to help those in a workout plan stick to their regimen by showing them results they may not see on the scale or in the mirror. He says the scan removes different variables and shows you exactly what your body looks like.

04 IoT Changing Healthcare
Noa Ghersin, research associate, Lux Research, says the (Internet of Things is changing the healthcare space in three major ways. She explains it is helping improve hospital workflow, reduce costs and empower doctors. She says big names like Google are entering the space, which shows just how important the transformation is.