1 Peggy says that RFID (radio frequency identification) is by no means a new technology, but now has a useful place on the jobsite. She explains RFID allows information to be read or written, without contact, on tags that are affixed to tools and materials at the jobsite.  v
2 Alex Warner, founder, chairman and executive vice president, Pedigree Technologies, explains we are moving away from basic GPS into more innovative and new uses of telematics to aid everybody in the lifecycle of a piece of equipment. http://www.pedigreetechnologies.com/  
3 David Gaw, founder and CEO, Sensera Systems says construction cameras have been around for awhile but continue to evolve with technology. He explains the main value propositions for construction firms to use site cameras and sensing technologies. https://www.senserasystems.com/  
4 Peggy continues the RFID conversation by explaining how the technology can be used on the jobsite to increase safety and return on investment. She goes a step further to project what RFID might look like at a jobsite of the future.