Daily Dialogue with Doris is happy to present their third Memorial Day show! We call this show
“Saluting Faith, Family and Freedom 2016”,
Not even a month later and once again Daily Dialogue with Doris host just returned from
another whirlwind business trip. This time to Orange County, California for a conference called the
American Renewal Project. The same day that we returned from the conference, we recorded
this show live! On this show, we will discuss about some of the events at the California Renewal
Project conference and the exciting people we met and speakers that we heard.The main point
of the conference was to highlight the importance of registering to vote and to casting one’s vote, to the
pastors of American churches. The Evangelical vote could make the difference this November
and the Christian churches need to be informed and more aggressive about their tone to
their parishioners…Host Doris Rivas-Brekke also gives her thoughts on what Memorial Day means
to her and what she hopes this day means to all Americans…The show is also joined for a couple
of segments with past guest, Michele Kuglitsch! Michele attended the American Renewal Project
with show host, Doris. They both met a lot of exciting people and spread the good word of their
faith and their conservative views. We hope you will enjoy their thoughts…

This show is proudly sponsored by¬†Fantastic Sams “Downtown” El Cajon; Fantastic Sams Santee and their new location on Napa St in¬†San Diego, California. We hope you had a blessed Memorial Day Holiday and may God Bless America:)

1 Host Doris Rivas-Brekke monologue
2 Doris and Michele Kuglitsch
3 Doris and Michele
4 Doris talks about Memorial Holiday and more...