01 Internet of Things revolution
Peggy takes a closer look at how the IoT (Internet of Things) revolution will dramatically alter manufacturing, energy, and more, and as a result the industrial IoT will fundamentally transform how people will interact with machines.
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02 It’s All About The Right Data
John Petze, cofounder, SkyFoundry, shares why he is concerned about the use of the term Big Data because it implies we need a lot of data, but what we really need is the right data.

03 Taking Control of Your Weather
Amena Ali, senior vice president and general manager, WeatherBug Home, explains the demand for energy is not slowing down any time soon, and Big Data and connected devices can help.

04 Creating A New Skilled Workforce
Peggy discusses how the industrial IoT will create new jobs that did not exist before such as medical robot designers and grid optimization engineers, making jobs safer and more productive.