There are two guest for this program, Mark Lane and Francisco Duarte. Mark has a long record of working with disenfranchised communities Franciscos’ parents were recently arrested by ICE leaving his three siblings to live alone. On the day his parents were taken into custody he was awaken when his siblings came into his room crying and very upset because their parents were in handcuffs. He had no idea were his parents were being taken. It became his job to walk the kids to school, and make sure the school administration was aware of what had occurred. His former elementary teacher gave him several phone numbers to call. As a result Mark Lane was contacted and stepped in to help the family. The night the family was arrested Francisco brought the beds of the 4 siblings into one room so they could all sleep in the same room. There has been tremendous community support. The 12 years old twins decided they were really blessed because of the outpour of support. Mark Lane makes sure the CBP issued a new statement admitting that they had no reason to suspect the parents of running a flop house.

1 Who is Mark Lane and what does he do. / 2 A family supporting each other and working together. / 3 Contacting Mark Lane working through the political process. / 4 What happens next. National City Council meeting June 6.