1 5G Disrupts Manufacturing
Peggy says 5G is going to support the growth of the IoT (Internet of Things) in sectors like retail and manufacturing. She explains how 5G is going to disrupt manufacturing and help the factories of tomorrow derive insights from operational intelligence, pointing to specific examples of how 5G can help.
2 A New Model for Manufacturing
Peggy and David Van Dorselaer, industry solutions GM for manufacturing, transportation, and CPG, AT&T Business, talk about how 5G is bringing a revolution in manufacturing and transportation. He explains how digital transformation means so many different things to different companies and that customer requirements are changing. He gives examples of how manufacturing is going to change with the advent of new technologies. Also, he gives tips for how businesses can get started.
3 Championing Diversity
Peggy and Susan Dalton, vice president of smart technologies and IoT, GCP Applied Technologies, talk about how to create a diverse workplace. She shares how it offers technology for the concrete industry and her career experience. They also discuss how discrimination in construction has changed throughout the years and the importance of mentors.