1 Devices Help Age in Place
Peggy says connected devices can collect data about a person’s health and monitor a person’s activities, connecting older adults to other people. She explains that smart-home systems can make it easier for adults to age in place and are making home care possible. She continues that devices can keep an eye on vitals, which are life changing and we will see a shift in the next 12 months of what the means.
2 Redefining Women’s Work
Peggy is joined by Colleen Egan, director of people, culture, and endless possibilities for Clarity Partners, explains how she started as a nurse, and soon became involved in administration, but was discouraged by the lack of technology adoption in healthcare. She always knew that people were the most important part of companies. She discusses how women make up 57% of the workforce, but only 20% of the tech industry, and there has been a shift since she has started. There has always been a cultural definition of women’s work, but girls need supportive parents and educators, and need people to get past the gender bias and these roadblocks. She says the most important thing for women starting out in their careers is to believe in themselves.
3 Innovating Our Youth
Show regular Josh Peschel, assistant professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering, Iowa State University, talks with Peggy about inspiring the next generation of workers by informing them of the opportunities that might be available to them. He says we need to prepare people at a young age, and educate them well in college. After we educate somebody well, we also need to create opportunities and establish a network of success for long-term growth in the field that they chose.