Guest 1: Alzheimer’s Association of San Diego
Katie Croskrey, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association of San Diego, is joined by her colleagues, Doug Friedman, Director of Communications, and Sarah Granby, manager of the Association’s “Longest Day” fundraiser on June 21, to talk about the organization’s mission to enhance care and support for families impacted by the devastating disease; efforts to reduce the risk of dementia; and advancement in Alzheimer’s research. The trio is joined by Dwight Colton, Vice President of the Fish Market Restaurant group, to discuss his six restaurant’s support of the “Longest Day” campaign through the donation of the restaurant group’s proceeds on meals sold from June 21-23.

Guest 2: La Jolla Meals On Wheels
Ron Jones, President of La Jolla Meals On Wheels, discusses the organization’s 35-year history; its “Friendly Visitors” program; and the importance of volunteerism.

1 Alzheimer’s Association of San Diego
2 La Jolla Meals On Wheels