Guest 1: Outdoor Education Foundation
Tara Michener, a Consultant for the Outdoor Education Foundation, is joined by Greg Schuett, longtime Principal of the Cuyamaca Outdoor School, to discuss the resources that connect students to science and nature through outdoor education programs provided by the San Diego County Office of Education. Michener and Schuett talk about the cost to provide a student with a memorable week-long outdoor education experience and the critical need for continued community support.

Guest 2: San Diego Green Building Council
Josh Dean, Executive Director of the San Diego Green Building Council, and Ravi Bajaj, Board President for the Council, chat about the organization’s mission and history in San Diego County; the re-launch of the San Diego Living Building Challenge Collaborative; its new website; and re-branding efforts; and the Green Assistance Program.

1 Outdoor Education Foundation
2 San Diego Green Building Council