1 5G, AR, VR in the Workforce
Peggy says AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) are going to change the workforce. She points to a few sectors that are going to change such as education and retail, with remote work being more possible than ever before. She says retailers are looking for new ways to engage customers in the buying experience. Further, she talks about how 5G will accelerate AR and VR.
2 The Next Generation and the IoT
Peggy and Sharon Jones, eagle lab engineer, Barclays UK Ventures, discuss how to inspire young people, in the age of emerging technologies. She explains that what she is seeing in young people now is a drive and enthusiasm in what they can do and the real focus has to be on guiding our next generation to tailor their ideas. She also discusses how the progress of technology is happening very quickly.
3 Transportation in Dubuque
Peggy and Renee Tyler, director of transportation services, City of Dubuque, Iowa, tells her story that represents a core of women who want to pursue dreams and change careers. She also details how technology can help make things better and how to encourage women of different culture to step into roles. She also offers some key advice including: Prepare for what you want to do and who you want to be.