Recovering from the Ransom

Peggy talks about a recent ransomware attack in Knoxville—and other cities that have been attacked. She says city governments are often particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

She also discusses:

• Cyberattacks that happen in cities like Atlanta and New Orleans—and who paid the ransom and who didn’t.

• The amount of publically reported ransomware attacks against state and local governments just last year alone.

• How city mayors have come together to make decisions about ransomware and public-private partnerships to address this.

Importance of Insights on Data

Peggy and Laurent Soubielle, IoT agency North America director, Sigfox, talk about how having the insights on data are critical today. He says it is not hardware; it is not about technology; it is completely about the data.

They also discuss:

• The importance of partnerships and how Sigfox’s partnerships are very vertical.

• Customer case studies including one that provides sensors for smart buildings and the benefit of it.

• How COVID-19 is helping companies now see the value of the Internet of Things and being able to automate as much as possible.

Tech Strengthens Eye Sight

Peggy and Michael Freeman, founder and CEO, Ocutrx Vision Technologies, talk about how technology can help strengthen eye sight and help people read emails and see faces again.

They also discuss:

• The story of his father’s company and how it led to the development of the first product for streaming mobile videos.

• How his father’s disease led to the development of technology that allowed him to read email and see faces again.

• How new technology can help with telemedicine and visualization during surgery.

1 Recovering from the Ransom
2 Importance of Insights on Data
3 Tech Strengthens Eye Sight