1 The Impact of 5G on Healthcare
Peggy says 5G is going to impact the future of IoT-enabled medicine, with telemedicine applications flourishing because of 5G. She adds that telehealth could save companies billions of dollars a year and shares an example of how 5G can help enable remote surgery. She continues that today we are talking about the Internet of Skills and we need to be thinking about how AR, VR, and 5G can digitize skills.
2 Go Build It
Peggy and Tanya Silva, director of project & process management, Breadware, chat about women in the Internet of Things. She shares a little bit about her company and her journey into the technology space, explaining she was hired as the second woman in her company, but now it is about 40-to-60% female-to-male ratio. Silva offers advice to young girls today: If you have technical skills or ideas, have faith in yourself and go build it.
3 Robots in Space
Peggy and Ella Atkins, IEEE senior member and professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan, talk about the ways people can be involved with technology—on earth or in space. Atkins explains that she was always fascinated by airplanes and aerospace made a lot of sense to her. She says robots can do a lot more mundane tasks that humans have been responsible for in past mission and that gender and race don’t matter when it comes to exploring space.