Intimacy is…
Stop judging yourself
We’re perfectly imperfect
She became a dancer, model, and spokesperson in Tokyo
Dad drunk and stoned all the time
Dancing was her ticket out
$40 left to her name and took off to Tokyo at 19 years old
Marriage #1
What is a love hotel?
Danced at The Cheetah Club for her 40th birthday
The ten year battle of divorce and losing custody of her kid
When she moved from NYC to LA she found her people
The choice was to resist or welcome the hour of darkness
“I have my back” – transforming the relationship with yourself
What we can do to increase our degree of intimacy

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New Media Minute
Allana Pratt, first recipient of the Icon Maker Club Award, shares with the Reinvention Radio Crew her experiences around The New Media Summit. How she went from attendee to Icon of Influence in months. She turned her radio show into a podcast. it’s all about relationship building and cultivating those relationships.

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