Kimchi Chow
Life in Vietnam
Her parents had 9 children
The knock on the door in 1976 that changed her life forever
Her aunt took the kids and mom went to jail
The Mexico situation brings memories of her mom choosing to take her sister to jail with her
The boat and the journey to America
Mom kept the gold!
Each person had to pay a gold bar to earn their freedom
In Vietnam mom was the boss, dad was a gifted tailor
Boat people have the most courageous minds — none of them could swim!
The journey was literally life or death
She learned to speak English, got an engineering degree, and went to work.
Why she’s compelled to work with Asian women
Live Life Loud — don’t be afraid to speak up and be heard

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New Media Minute
Steve, Mary, and Richard sit down with two-time New Media Summit attendee, Kimchi Chow. Kimchi shares how she’s now started her own show as a result of attending the event. The first time, she came to see if she wanted to be like an Icon. She joined the Icon Maker coaching program to help her along this path. Highly recommends the event and the pre-event training offered for the New Media Summit.

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