In this episode, Sam and I discuss the process of creating a simple content marketing strategy that actually works. We dig deep into breaking down the process of setting up a plan and properly integrating creativity.

Content marketing graphic

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As we talk about realistic goals, we transition to discussing buyer personas and how to set them up. Which is much easier in theory than practice! I’ll dish out examples of how a web design agency may go about this process as well as introducing the “Hierarchy of Needs.” As the section comes to a close, we pivot to consider the buyer’s journey.

In Segment Two: We pick up with the buyer’s journey and explain how creative strategies should be planned out for optimal success.

Here are the stages of a buyer’s journey.

  1. Discovery: People realize they have a problem or issue.
  2. Research: Understanding what the problem is and researching a solution.
  3. Purchase: Finding a solution and evaluating if it’s the best option.
  4. Onboarding: Receiving the best user experience.
  5. Evangelizing: Creating customer loyalty and word of mouth recommendations.

Then Sam and I discuss the pain points and how to fish them out! We also discuss some positive ways to approach them – like investigating patterns in customer reviews, as well as researching trending questions utilizing tools like Ahrefs Questions Tool.

In Section Three: This is where we start to discuss the creative and innovative side of content marketing. Utilizing industry tools like Buzzsumo, Brandwatch, Brand 24, etc. to tapping into trending topics. Finding the right influencers and monitoring conversations across the web.

Sam’s chimes in with his SEO expertise to provide actionable tips on utilizing keywords and explains the intent of their usage.

To close out the segment, I dive into discussing the process of choosing a brand voice with familiar archetypes. These include:

  1. The Magician– Visionary, informed, mystical. Examples: Dyson, Disney, Polaroid.
  2. The Outlaw– Unconventional, fearless, free-spirited. Examples: Harley Davidson, UFC, Red Bull.
  3. The Explorer: Daring, adventurous, confident. Examples: Jeep, The North Face, GoPro.
  4. The Hero: Selfless, genuine, humble. Examples: Nike, Duracell, FedEx.
  5. The Everyman– Casual, personable, friendly. Examples: Toyota, Budweiser, Gap.
  6. The Caregiver– Generous, compassionate, empathetic. Examples: Charity: Water, Johnson & Johnson.
  7. The Innocent– Humble, optimistic, happy-go-lucky. Examples: Coca-Cola, Dove.
  8. The Creator– Expressive, inspirational. Examples: Apple, Tesla.
  9. The Sage– Wise, assuring, trustworthy, educational. Examples: Google, BBC.
  10. The Ruler– Refined, direct, commanding. Examples: Mercedes, Rolex.
  11. The Jester– Fun-loving, optimistic, playful. Examples: Old Spice, MailChimp.
  12. The Lover– Empathetic, glamorous, seductive. Examples: Jaguar, Godiva, Victoria’s Secret.

In Segment Four: Sam and I discuss the importance of curating, creating, and sticking to a functional content calendar. We examine the number of on-site posts brands should target and discuss basic etiquette for quality guest posting. SPOILER: Don’t pitch to a prospective site with the phrase: “I stumbled across your website and….”

We cover a substantial amount of groundwork in an hour but stay tuned for part two as we dig even deeper into this topic. Looking for more resources? Check out our previous show on article ideation.

About the This Week in Marketing Hosts:

Kevin: Kevin Svec is an experienced Chief Content Strategist at E2M Solutions Inc. He has a forceful background in journalism and specializes in writing educational, top-of-the-funnel content in diverse industries. When he’s not executing content strategies he’s working on his travel + leisure website. Kevin recently wrote a post discussing Game of Thrones Locations and where to visit them!

Sam: Sam Wheeler is a digital marketing expert and AMA SD’s This week in Marketing podcast co-host. He has extensive experience with helping small businesses and fortune 500 companies grow their online footprint. He is currently working on a project for Guava Family as well as other brands internationally.