AV Test Initiative

With AVs (automated vehicles) growing at a fast rate, Peggy details the U.S. DOT new initiative that provides an online public facing forum for sharing automated driving system testing activities and other safety information.

She also discusses:

• How this initiative will create transparency in the world of AV testing.

• How AVs will open the doors for a new transportation paradigm.

• The companies involved in the initiative and what they each provide.


My Healthy Home

Caroline Blazovsky, president and founder, My Healthy Home, joins Peggy to share her story about how she got into the healthy home movement and how allergies led her to explore this more. She says houses are just like people and they all have different issues.

They also discuss:

• The importance of controlling moisture in homes.

• Stories she has seen and heard during the years.

• A new certification so inspectors can understand the impact of a home on allergies.

http://www. healthyhomeexpert.com/

Opportunity in Chaos

Peggy and George Thomas, founder and managing partner, New Urbana, define what is new during this time, how technology has progressed, and how we are having society change en masse. He says in chaos there is always opportunity.

They also discuss:

• The innovations that have come to market in the last 5-6 years.

• The impact of digital transformation specifically in the construction industry.

• What we need to do to think differently during this time and find common problem statements that we can work around.


1 AV Test Initiative
2 My Healthy Home
3 Opportunity in Chaos