Bob Fuchs and Ken Farinsky are volunteers who donate their time to the community organization known as What Price Main Street which was founded by Bob Fuchs several years ago to act as a watchdog group against over zealous development in Carmel Valley, specifically the One Paseo project being proposed by Los Angeles developer, Kilroy Realty Corporation. Bob Fuchs has spent 40-years in commercial real estate lending and is an office tenant and homeowner in Carmel Valley. Ken Farinsky is on the Carmel Valley Planning Board and is also a long-time Carmel Valley community volunteer and resident. What Price Main Street consists of concerned citizens who believe that future development should be consistent with Carmel Valley’s community character and within the traffic and infrastructure capacity set forth in the current community plan. While the group is pro-development, they have made a strong case against the One Paseo project given its massive scope and almost 400% increase in entitlemen