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1 2015 NBA Finals:
We break down game one of the 2015 NBA Finals with Danny Thompson, host of @NBACP Radio. With the news of Kyrie Irving out for the series what chance does LeBron James and the Cavaliers have to take the title?
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2 NBA Finals (cont.):
Danny Thompson returns to talk about the great position the Golden State Warriors are in and what needs to be done in game two in order for them to take one step closer to getting their first title since the 1975-76 season.
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3 Chester Hanks Controversy:
Chester Hanks, the son of Hollywood film star Tom Hanks, is making news as the aspiring would be rapper is using the “N” word in his music. Hollywood Attorney Mychal Wilson explains why this is such a hot topic not just in Hollywood, but the world over.
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4 The Branding of Bruce/Caitlyn:
Media & Branding Expert Liz Goodgold explains how the transformation of Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner was an orchestrated masterpiece and the powerful impact it’s having all over the world.
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