Roni Lee was the lead guitarist for Venus & The Razorblades, a band created by the legendary Kim Fowley, who was also the producer behind Joan Jett and The Runaways.

Segment 1
Roni talks about being on her own at 15, a Hollywood street kid and discusses Kim Fowley’s desire to celebrate teen rock and teen angst, focusing on female musicians who were were an anomaly in rock at the time. Roni tells about the persistence it took to get an audition with Fowley and to convince him she is not a reporter.
Segment 2
Roni talks about hanging out with Led Zeppelin for the opening of The Song Remains The Same and tells us about the Robert Plant’s and John Bonhams antics. She talks about the scene at the legendary LA club The Rainbow and shares the experience of regularly opening for and hanging out with Van Halen. Roni talks about listening to bands like The Rolling Stones and Jethro Tull at age 13 and deciding she wanted to PLAY that music, not just see it and listen to it. She talks about the challenges women still face in breaking into rock n roll.
Segment 3
Roni talks about The Runaways movie, which featured her song "I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are" and about Joan Jet starting her own label and gaining a resurgent popularity. Roni talks about starting to record again,with 2 EPs out now. She shares her experience of recording at the legendary Sunset Sound studios, which was home to artists like Janice Joplin, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and The Doors.
Segment 4
Roni tells us about the gear she likes to use, including her sponsors PRS Guitars and Soldano amps, her sparse use of effects pedals and her favorite Shure wireless wifi system. Roni talks with Micki Ireland, singer for the band Curbside Vinyl about the discipline and perseverence required of an artist and the hours of work it takes to create that fleeting moment of authentic connection with an audience, which is Roni’s ultimate motivation.