With today’s digital marketing technologies, campaigns are more powerful, and more complex, than ever. But what really makes them complex isn’t so much the technology, but the human element. How do you get everyone, including your sales team, your partners and even your customers, singing from the same sheet of music?

That’s the challenge, and the promise, of an integrated marketing campaign. If you plan and execute correctly, you can ensure that your brand and your messaging are represented consistently across all your channels, and you’re participating sensibly in conversations about you wherever they’re occurring.

San Diego AMA is conducting an intensive two-day workshop on Integrated Campaign Planning June 14-15 at UC San Diego Extension. Joining us in the studio to explore the subject and preview the workshop was Ginny Beneke, former CMO of National University and leader of a business leadership consultancy. Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation about how unified messaging relates to the customer experience, agile marketing, social listening and multi-channel attribution.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns