A ride into exploration of two-wheeled travel around the US. Nate Berkopek shares perspective of his journey across the United States by motorcycle. And Nat Geo photographer Tyler Metcalfe gives us a report from his trans-America bike ride.

1 Programmer and motorcyclist Nate Berkopec talks about setting weird crazy goals for the sake of adventure and avoiding analysis paralysis when planning trips.
2 Nate shares some of his experiences interacting with himself and the communities he rode through, documented in his book "10,000 Miles and 22 States of Motorcycling on America's Backroads"
3 Nat Geo photographer Tyler Metcalfe joins us from Tulsa, Oklahoma where he is recovering from a bike accident on his cycle trip across the Trans America biking trail.
4 Tyler talks about "slow travel" as an approach to travel that includes plenty of time for truly soaking in, digesting, and reflecting on the places and people you meet.