In San Diego county there is only one Latina Mayor. Mary Salas, who grew up in Chula Vista was elected Mayor in 2014. Another factor that makes Mary unique is that she is a fifth generation resident of Chula Vista. She is the first women to win an election with first being appointed. Mary discusses what Chula Vista was like when she was growing up, her family and about the contributions they have made not only to Chula Vista but to our Country. Her uncles proudly served in WWII. She became Mayor in 2014.At the age of 37 she attended college. She graduated from college majoring in social work. She attributes he involvement in boards and commission for her interest in politics. In1988 she became involved with MANA and helped develop their mentorship problem. In 2006 she ran and won the race for State representative. She is proud of he progress Chula Vista has made developing more houses, the bay front and focusing on climate control. Mary will run for her last term as mayor in 2018.

1 Growing up in Chula Vista. five generations of contributing to Chula Vista. / 2 Her family and their history / 3 Becoming politically involved. / 4 The future of Chula Vista and the future of mayor Salas.