On Daily Dialogue with Doris,  our show topic is again on addiction because of all the positive feedback we received on this emotional & important topic! Tonight’s show is sponsored by our new show sponsor, Fantastic Sams El Cajon hair salons, located
at downtown El Cajon & Fantastic Sams Santee, California! This show is titled “It’s all about Addiction Recovery…There is “Hope” for You & Me!” and is based on the host, Doris Rivas-Brekke’s
fight with alcoholism and how she won this battle. Once gain sharing tonight’s spotlight is guest Randy Blair, a construction company owner, who recently won his fight with drugs & alcohol and is now a co-founder of the True Recovery Centers, based in southern California. Also DanaTowers, a nutrition consultant from Amwell North America, a self-care health company. Alcohol & drugs issues are still big problems in our everyday lives. On this show you will here real life stories and vital information to help get your life or the lives of loved ones back on track…
This show is going to be moving and most informative…We hope you will join us:)

1 Host Doris Rivas-Brekke monologue & Randy Blair, True Recovery Centers co-founder
2 Doris & Randy
3 Doris & Dana Towers from Amwell North America
4 Doris, Randy & Dana