Listen in to this month’s show as R. J. Kelly interviews two leading advisors in the investment real estate world, Alan Nevin and Doug Taber. Alan will all share insights from his upcoming book, The Great Divide, which addresses a number of important aspects of national and global demographics, and what that means to us here in San Diego and beyond. As well, what does this mean to us as it relates to owning real estate going forward, including the shape of the global, national and San Diego real estate market as well as buying apartments and investment properties in the San Diego real estate market…?

Hear from Alan Nevin, who is the Director of Economic Research at Xpera Group, along with Doug Taber, who is an apartment broker with Apartment Realty Group (, as they discuss the following topics with R.J.:

· How are the changing demographics affecting the world? What will be the economic impact of those changes?

· What will happen in the world in the next few years as China, the European Union, Russia and Japan all face a shortage of young people?

· What will happen in the United States in 2015 and beyond? Are we going to the same irreversible aging cliff facing most other countries in the West?

· Will interest rates rise, and if so, when? Why will we likely see rates maintain at present levels … for possible 1-2 more years?

· Will all the states in the United States achieve economic prosperity, or are other certain states to share in a greater percentage of the economic boom?

· What is San Diego’s employment future?

· Will San Diego add far too many new jobs and too few housing units?

· Should you move to Texas, or at least buy any property(ties) there?

· What are the market statistics for San Diego apartments? Do we have more – or less units available?

· How should you evaluate apartment buildings as a form of ownership? And, where do you start?

· How do you perform a cash flow analysis on an apartment building? How do you know if you are making money or not?

· How can you purchase triplex and four-plex properties with 30 year fixed financing? Is it possible to have 100% financing on properties?

· How will the looming water shortage affect us in San Diego and Southern California?

· What is the best way to improve your returns if you already own investment properties?

· Do you have to be “handy” with tools to own rental property? What role(s) can property managers make, and will you have any profit left over?

R. J. Kelly is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of the Wealth Legacy Group, Inc. in San Diego, CA. Learn more about R. J. and Wealth Legacy Group at, or call (800) 975-5355.