Tonight, the Ether Tale Radio Players take a break from the scripted stories to celebrate the arrival of the Shakespeare folio’s arrival in San Diego (for display at our downtown Central Library) by featuring Sonnets, Soliloquies and historical pieces reviewing and explaining the Bard’s works.
Players –

Scott Paulson – A Review by Oscar Wilde and A Condensed Explanation of MacBeth.

Melanie Peters – Sonnets: 18, 54, 12, and 104 also excerpted duologue from Cymbeline Act IV, Scene II as well as Kate’s final soliloqy from Taming of the Shrew.

Gabriel Pan – Soliloquies from Richard III, King Henry V, Puck’s closing monologue from A Midsummer Nights Dream, and excerpted duologue from Cymbeline.

The Announcer for the program was Scott Paulson
Recording/ Mixing Technician – Peter K. Flynn