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1 2015 NBA Finals:
NBA Blogger Deqster Adeys returns to break down the first 4 games of the series and what the outlook appears to be for the Warriors and Cavaliers now that the series is tied at 2-2.
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2 NBA Finals (cont.) and Forbes Richest Athletes:
Deqster Adeys gives his series prediction and our host shares the recently release list of the Forbes 100 Richest Athletes in the past year.
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3 Rachel Dolezal Controversy:
Deanna & Neal Arthur join the show to discuss the controversy going on in Spokane, Washington as a member of the NAACP is posing as a black woman when she’s really white. #RachelDolezal
4 Healthy Living:
We continue our Healthy Living series with Founder/CEO of Fresh & Fit Meals, Joey Ko and Owner & Trainer of Grinder Gym, Dave DePew.
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