1 Engineering Workplace Dynamics
Peggy Smedley zeroes on women in engineering and discusses the challenges and experiences they face as they navigate their careers in the space. As more women pursue jobs in these industries, she looks at how gender roles and workplace discrimination are affecting their decision to maintain their professions.
2 Tracking Sustainability
Nadine Cino, CEO & co-inventor, Tyga-Box Systems, talks about her approach to new business opportunities by analyzing the commercial benefits and how will it help the environment in some way. She discusses how her work in the container and RFID (radio-frequency identification) tracking industry has allowed her to bring more value to customers while eliminating disposable waste.
3 Women Step Up in STEM
Kathleen Mitford, EVP, product and market strategy, PTC, explains how women are displaying unique skills that can make a difference in the IoT and technology. She talks about the importance of mentors and supportive organizations that help women expand their abilities in STEM to look at the big picture and make change happen.
4 Envisioning Network Standards
Leigh Ann Ryals, co-founder & COO, Able Device, details her experiences as a co-founder of a major player in the IoT (Internet of Things). She talks about her work to put business networks on a more open environment, as well developing new use cases that adhere to better security standards.