Join host R. J. Kelly as he visits with Bill Super, CPA, PFS, AEP, MS Tax and Pegine Grayson, JD, CAP about the role philanthropy can play as the “glue” that holds a family together generationally. Why do 70% of families of high net worth disintegrate after simply one generation? The wealth is gone and the family ties are gone as well? What happens – and what can be done to keep this destruction from happening in the first place? What are the 30% of the wealthy families that remain intact doing that allows the wealth to be passed successfully and the family to remain strong? The research that has been done continues to point to one primary factor above all others … listen in as R. J., Bill and Pegine begin to “peel back the layers” on this important topic that is sometimes difficult to discuss.

Bill Super is a rare CPA that combines the skills of a tax heavy-weight with a planning-oriented mindset that is future focused. He addresses in his practice a host of important planning issues, including: establishing estate/charitable goals, wealth/legacy structuring and objectives, philanthropic desires, preparing the family to receive wealth, family business succession planning, and business exit planning … how to prepare the business for a future sale by building value and addressing the issues now that will be critical to a buyer then. As one of the most integrated and big-picture planners in our community, Bill brings a host of skills honed over decades of experience.

As a Senior Vice-President of highly respected Whittier Trust, Pegine Grayson brings a tremendous background to her work and clients today. She first began as a highly trained and admired attorney, and then took on the challenging role as Executive Director of a state-wide non-profit, and later as a management and Board consultant to non-profits through-out California. With her role now at Whittier Trust, Pegine advises high net worth families, senior executives, founders of companies and family offices regarding issues of formalizing their philanthropy, strategic grantmaking and involving the next generation in charitable giving. She is also a trained mediator and serves on the Board of Casa Treatment Center, a residential recovery center for women in Pasadena.

1 Why Are High Net Worth (HNW) Families in America Falling Apart - and What Can Be Done? / 2 Bill Super - How a Different Point of View Has Made a Massive Difference for HNW Clients
3 Pegine Grayson - the Art of Listening to the Heart of a HNW Family to FInd Solutions / 4 Wrapping it Up - Where and How Does a HNW Family Get Started?