1 Peggy Smedley discusses using 3D technology for construction explaining just last month the world’s first 3D printed building opened in Dubai. She says there is little question that 3D printing in manufacturing will revolutionize the way things are designed and produced in the near future.
2 Mike Gust, industrial liaison officer, Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power, shares exciting news from the Excavator Cab of the Future Design Contest. He says the contest helps raise awareness on technology advancements for the next-generation. http://www.ccefp.org/
3 Luke Meyer, MIT MechE graduate student, and Andy Peterman, mechanical engineer, explain how they were motivated to participate in the design contest because of its creative and innovative nature. They say their team’s winning design is unique and has never been possible before. http://illinois.edu/
4 Peggy Smedley looks deeper into 3D technology on the jobsite now and how 3D machinery excavation can make a difference in the way jobsite are managed. She says 3D printing is no longer limited to structures, and many equipment manufacturers will find numerous benefits.