Enrique Morones is the founder and director of Border Angeles He was born and raised in San Diego. His father was involved with Mexican Labor Unions in Mexico and came to San Diego to work in the Fish and Game of for Mexico. He joking brags that St Augustine is the Greatest High School , a school he attended with the help of scholarship. He was very active in sports . He was a huge fan of every sport you can imagine. He worked for Stoffer Presidente Hotels promoting traveling to Mexico He was then hired by the San Diego Padres’. He became Vice President of Latino international Marketing. He bridged the relationship between Mexican and Mexican American fans and baseball. He is the first person to receive dual citizenship. He was granted dual citizen ship by then Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo. While working with the Pares he started Border Angeles. He ended up leaving the Padres to work full time with Border Angeles. Border Angeles is a human rights organization best know for leaving water in the desert for those crossing over those dangerous and hot areas. He says that more than 11 thousand have died crossing the border more than died trying to cross the Berlin Wall. He is also founder of the House of Mexico with the goal of having a location in Balboa Park.

1 Growing up in San Diego. / 2 Working for the San Diego Padres. / 3 Border Angeles : A human rights organization. 4 / The future of Border Angeles and the House of Mexico