01 Customize Your Lifestyle Using IoT
Donald Spector, chairman of the board of trustees, New York College of Health Professions, explains his new home environment customization patent, and what it means for IoT, and electronic products in the future.
02 Parking App Offers Convenient Solutions
Cherie Fuzzell, CEO, Parkmobile, LLC, and managing director, Parkmobile Intl., talks about convenient-parking solutions, cutting down urban congestion, and initiatives to integrate parking services into connected-car platforms.
03 Seamless Connected Journeys Ahead
Erica Klampfl, future mobility manager, Ford, explores the importance of analytics, connectivity, mobility, and keeping consumer privacy protected in connected car industry.
04 Flexibility in Connected Solutions
Sarah Cooper, chief operating officer, M2Mi Corp., talks about the shift from long-lasting, complex IoT (Internet of Things) and connected-device solutions in the M2M space, to what has been achieved to improve flexibility.