1 Analytics All Aboard
Sara Gardner, IoT VP and CTO, Hitachi Insight Group, discusses the balance of approaching IoT platforms in the eyes of both the consumer as well as the developer. She dives into her work across the pond, reinventing the way trains are delivered to citizens across Europe as well as leveraging analytics to improve predictive maintenance for a range of industrial assets.
2 Untapping IoT Potential
Vanitha Kumar, vice president, Qualcomm, talks overcoming challenges in untouched technology that connects mobile devices to base stations through the use of 3G, 4G, and 5G. She looks back at the beginning of #LTE and discusses how the evolution of person-to-person tech will soon allow consumers to communicate and receive data with everything around them.
3 Nurturing Smarter Healthcare
Gina Altieri, senior vice president of corporate services and chief of strategy integration, Nemours Children’s Health System, details her path toward a career in healthcare technology and her work to create an efficient warehouse that allows clinicians to access patient data no matter which facility they visit. She addresses concerns securing patient information along with catering medical records toward millennials and new parents.
4 Sparking Energy Conservation
Alexis Abramson, Milton and Tamar Maltz professor in energy innovation, mechanical and aerospace engineering, Case Western Reserve University, explains the current static relationship that exists in the way energy is delivered and used, resulting in a passive stance on the consumer side. She predicts that with the help of more dynamic electrical systems in infrastructure and IoT, users will become more active participants in saving energy.