1 Peggy Smedley addresses the importance of cyber security on the jobsite. She says hackers are out there and they can easily gain access to sensitive information, such as client data, employee information, and financials. She emphasizes the importance of leveraging technology to protect your construction company.
2 Mark Eich, managing principal – information security services group, CliftonLarsenAllen, explains what type of security threats exist in the construction industry. He says there are five steps business can take to protect themselves from these threats.
3 Deidre Diamond, founder and CEO, CyberSN and founder, #brainbabe, provides insight as to how companies should go about hiring cyber security professionals. She also explains what the best cyber hiring practices are and how they make organizations more secure.
4 Peggy Smedley continues the cyber security discussion and explains some proactive strategies that can be taken to lessen your chances of being hacked. Alongside technology, different protocols and employee training can make a significant impact on securing the jobsite.