A special Daily Dialogue with Doris WsRadio.com show, the topic is on education & the controversial subject  “Common Core”!
This show is sponsored by our new show sponsor, Fantastic Sams El Cajon & Fantastic Sams Santee, California! The title of the show is  “We just want the education our parents had…Please!”
Our in-studio headline guests all the way from the great state of Wisconsin are Dave Drake, Director of Development & Outreach from the FreedomProject Education group & Student Development Director Debbie Drake, also from FreedomProject Education. Co-hosting is Jo Medina-Alegria, representing the Cajon Valley Board of Education! And Lynne M Taylor,a staunch opponent of common core from another great state, North Carolina!

Another fast moving and most informative show..We hope you will join us and God bless America!

1 Host Doris Rivas-Brekke, Co-host Jo Medina-Alegria; Guests David & Debbie Drake
2 Doris, Jo, David & Debbie
3 Doris, Jo, guest Lynne M. Taylor, David & Debbie
4 Doris, Jo. Lynne, David & Debbie