One of the reasons that a quality diet is difficult to maintain is because there is confusion around what constitutes a healthy diet. It is common to hear about something like eggs, and hear back and forth ideas that eggs are good, and by the next week you are now hearing eggs are bad. Its hard to know where to turn. Now the spotlight is on coconut oil. Recently coconut has gained ground as something to include in the diet, and that it can help with weight loss and even reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. However, as is often the case, just as soon as you think you had your head wrapped around coconut oil, a new study comes out saying maybe it doesn’t have the benefits we thought. Unfortunately, when issues like this are reported on, it is done based on one study that just came out. It is rare that the media will then go back, look at the bulk of the literature and report on more global findings rather than one isolated outcome. A recent study said that coconut oil does not reduce cholesterol and may not be healthy. This is not what the bulk of the data says. On today’s show we will review the benefits of coconut oil from weight loss to brain health. Coconut oil is a healthy part of the diet, especially when you know in what context to use it. Get the real scoop on fats and learn more about how they can help you gain health.