Trace White is first and foremost a family man. He and his wife Mia are the parents of 7 incredible children – 4 daughters and 3 sons. He is also the Executive Director of IMPACT Mentoring Academy, a Bermuda-based educational empowerment program for teen-aged males. Trace has worked as a pastor, teacher, school principal, college lecturer, consultant, and professional coach. Trace pulls out the highest and best in others.

On this episode, I talk with Trace White about preparing the next generation of men through his work with teen-aged boys at Impact Mentoring Academy in Bermuda. Trace said that in order for boys to become healthy men, their education must be holistic. We must also give them opportunities to serve humanity. Boys must be mentored, and men must be vulnerable with boys. Trace said, “Boys trust men who they can play with.” As you listen to the show, it will become apparent that these boys, and the liberation and evolution of manhood, are in good hands.

Segment 1: What boys need
Segment 2: Preparing boys to serve
Segment 3: Transformation through responsibility
Segment 4: Boys to men - Your role