Host, Dr. Kathleen Bates, Assistant Professor, Brandman University

Guests, Mr. Frank Nageotte, Attorney, and Ms. Cinda Jones, CFP, CDFA

Collaborative Family Law Group

01: The Nature of Collaborative Law
Dr. Kathleen Bates and her guests, Mr. Frank Nageotte and Ms. Cinda Jones from the Collaborative Family Law Group, discuss the hidden costs and risks associated with employees going through divorce and what organizations can do to mitigate them.
02: Advantages of the Collaborative Model versus Traditional Divorce The Collaborative Family Law Group consists of Child Specialists, Financial Advisors, Divorce Coaches and Attorneys whose primary focus is to help the couple collaboratively and respectfully move thought the divorce process. Frank and Cinda discuss how the collaborative model can benefit employees in the workplace going through divorce.
03: What Can Employers Do to Help? Frank and Cinda share their insights into the impacts that a “messy” divorce can have on an employee’s performance at work and their ability to even concentrate on their tasks at work. They share insights to help HR professionals present information and educate employees about the option of the Collaborative Approach to divorce.
04: Collaborative Law and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) Kath, Frank and Cinda discuss how employers can make the collaborative law program available to employees through an employer’s EAP program, whether in San Diego or throughout California and how someone should proceed in selecting a collaborative law practitioner.