1 Blossoming IoT Discovery
Danielle George, professor of radio frequency engineering, University of Manchester, talks transitioning her work in wireless tech for U.K. space stations to helping farmers gain a better understanding of crops and weeds before they begin to grow. She anticipates that along with agriculture and aerospace, wireless sensors pose major potential to detect early signs of cancer and other life-threatening conditions.
2 Moving Innovation Up the Line
Hannah Kain, president and CEO, ALOM, explains how a position in Silicon Valley has enabled supply-chain management to be at the forefront of innovation. She recalls how the manufacturing industry has gone from floppy disks to integrated platforms and sensors that allow for better tracking and customization of products.
3 A Geek at Heart
Mayumi Hiramatsu, SVP cloud operations, Infor, discusses her work in the cloud preparing automated data-center operations to extend toward mobile devices. She reiterates the importance of bringing people and technology together to solve problems and support one another.
4 Sparking Energy Conservation
Sam De Brouwer, co-founder, doc.ai and Scanadu, says while innovation in personalized healthcare is moving steadily, it is not moving fast enough. She explains how new breakthroughs in sensors and artificial intelligence are allowing developers to integrate language to create a more immediate, and interactive experience when accessing patient data.