Over the years Victor Ochoa has worn many hats, some know him as an activist, others as an educator, to his children he is know as a parent. If you live in San Diego you know him as a Master muralist. Victor has more murals in Chicano Park than any other artist. He has painted murals in Japan, Cuba, and Mexico to name only a few countries where you can find his work. Victor was born in Los Angeles to parents that were undocumented and Victor will proudly tell you they were Zoot-Suiters. In 1954 in the middle of Operation Wetback his parents were deported to Mexico. Victor say that the positive part of being deported was he found his Mexican roots and learned Spanish. At the age of 14 he returned to Central Los Angeles where he ended up living in garages and doing odd jobs to survive. For his high school years he came to San Diego. While attending City College and San Diego State he became involved in the Chicano movement. He was at Chicano Park during the occupation. Victor was also part of the group that took over the Ford building to use it as a cultural center. As a result of the take over the water tower where the Centro is currently located as came to be. Victor was a member of the Toltecas in Aztlan. On two different occasions he has been director of the Centro. His was also involved in the retro-fitting of the mural in Chicano Park. His new project will be assisting Chicanos in El Paso as they duplicate the Kiosko located in Chicano Park.

1 Victor the little boy living in Los Angeles and deported to Tijuana. / 2 Becoming involved in the Chicano movement 3 / Murals and restortation of the murals Centrol cultural 4 / Working with El Paso to share his knowledge.