01 Understanding the Cost of Doing Nothing
Janet Peterson, co-founder and general manager, XCSpec, knows service technicians are always looking for ways to add value to their service. She explains they can do this by understanding the cost of doing nothing, and what it means for the commercial building space.
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02 The Internet Is Not to Foresee it, but to Enable it
Monique Morrow, CTO-evangelist-new frontiers, Cisco, stresses the importance of sharing one’s passion with the next generation of IoT innovators. She also expresses her desire to see more activity surrounding security and privacy in the future of IoT.

03 The IoT, Not So Easy
Lisa Landig, vice president of program management, Mesh Systems, uses her extensive knowledge of the IoT to help her customers create innovative products that meet their ever-changing needs. She has experienced the growing pains of the IoT, and says that if the IoT were easy everyone would be successful.

04 Big Players Entering IoT Space
Suzanna Kovoor, founder, Zohmic, discusses Apple, Amazon, and Google getting involved in home automation, launching innovative IoT solutions, and integrated platforms that make it easier for consumers to embrace and adopt connected-home solutions.