Arthritis can present in many different forms, from Rheumatoid to Osteoarthritis. Regardless of the time, they are all driven by inflammation. A standard approach focusing on lowering this inflammation. It is a good approach, it is just that it is a partial approach. At the same time you work to lower inflammation, it is critical to ask the question of why are you inflamed in the first place. Inflammation has a root cause, and if we treat the root cause of the inflammation, we don’t have to resort to a life-long regimen of immune suppressants. This is fortunate as many of the immune suppressants that are used have significant side effects with long term use. Contrast that with natural anti-inflammatory strategies that have side benefits. Natural anti-inflammatory strategies include working with a low inflammation diet, looking to the digestive tract to find if certain bacteria are harbored and finally building adrenals which make our own natural anti-inflammatory hormones. There is help for arthritis and these strategies not only take the first out of the arthritis but have overall health benefits.