Invest in America

Peggy highlights the Invest in America Act and how it is going to authorize funds for transportation infrastructure. She says we need to tackle the backlog of infrastructure that needs to be replaced and if both sides of the aisle don’t get their collective acts together, we are going to be in trouble.

She also discusses:

• A refresher on the ASCE report card and transportation infrastructure.

• How legislation like the Invest in America Act is trying to tackle infrastructure challenges.

• The potential for the IoT to help fix infrastructure and innovative technologies that need to be built into our plan.

Health Monitoring, Extended

Peggy and Sastry Malladi, co-founder and chief technology officer, FogHorn, talk about the importance of keeping workers safe and a new solution to extend health monitoring. He says its primary goal is to provide an intelligent software for industrial and commercial companies to derive actionable insights.

They also discuss:

• The evolution of worker safety, pre-pandemic, post-pandemic, and looking even further down the road in the future.

• The definition of the edge, edge processing, and cloud agnostic.

• EPA regulations and reducing emissions.

Good Leaders Gone Bad

Peggy and John Havlik, co-author, “The Leadership Killer: Reclaiming Humility in an Age of Arrogance” returns to the show to talk about hubris. He says hubris is the root of all evil that makes good leaders go bad.

They also discuss:

• Traits commonly seen in good coaches or leaders.

• The importance of showing empathy and owning up to mistakes today.

• One piece of advice for leaders today.

1 Invest in America
2 Health Monitoring, Extended
3 Good Leaders Gone Bad