1 Understanding Zero Trust
Peggy defines zero trust, saying at its core it is an approach to securing all access across an enterprise. She says zero trust systems never trust other systems, giving an analogy. She also walks through the history, saying zero trust was coined about a decade ago and Google is one of the reasons we are all talking about zero trust. She also walks through the five fundamental assertions of zero trust.
2 The Interoperability Problem
Peggy and Geoff Mulligan, CTO for IIoT, Jabil, and co-founder, Skylight Digital, discuss the inter-operability problem we face today and the need for open standards. He says we need to get out of our own way in how we interconnect things. He answers how to future proof and get started, pointing to the need for open APIs (application programming interfaces).
3 Unfit Leaders
Peggy and James Arthur Ray, entrepreneur, author, life and business coach, talk about why leaders are unfit to lead in today’s world, citing several reasons including the fact that leaders don’t make decisions quickly enough. He says today’s perfection is tomorrow’s failure and that we need to invest time in emotional intelligence and self-awareness and look at return on impact and return on influence.