1 Cyber Intelligence
The bad guys are out there! Peggy shares the latest on cyber intelligence, indicating that nearly 70% of incidents are due to human error. She asks: Can your employees spot a fake email? She digs into a couple of new reports, including one that highlights the three highest threat categories.
2 Digital Twin for Infrastructure
Infrastructure projects have been plagued with waste and inefficiency. Peggy and Adam Klatzkin, vice president, business development for iTwin Services, Bentley Systems, discuss the impact of the digital twin on business. He says, on average, projects run one year behind schedule and predictive analytics can be leveraged on infrastructure projects. He also defines the digital twin and says it has to be synchronized with the physical asset and always reflects the reality.
3 Foundational Aspects of Leadership
Peggy and Barbara Roche, managing partner, SpeakWell Partners, talk about inspiring and leading a team. She shares the term VUCA, which means volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, and that if you are not effective at change management and change leadership, everyone will suffer. She suggests whatever can create certainty, use it.