IoT Solutions for Oil and Gas
Peggy says IoT (Internet of Things) solutions are allowing oil and gas pipeline operators to analyze flow and events in near-realtime. She explains IoT systems can integrate with other systems in the enterprise to improve efficiencies. She continues that oil theft is a multibillion-dollar problem, and remote monitoring can help tackle the issue. Drones can also pinpoint leaks, she says, which is a safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective method.

The Future of Surface Transportation
Peggy and Rick Splawinski, senior project manager, Nevada Dept. of Transportation, discuss surface transportation. He says aesthetics are important, but we can’t have beautiful roads in America if we don’t have roads at all. He adds our ability to maintain surface transportation is shrinking every year due to the rate of inflation. He explains that the problem is that Americans are not tuned in or engaged and we don’t have the political courage. He adds that technology can really aid in helping pinpointing where the investment should be made because there is not enough money to go around.

Fixing Outdated Infrastructure
Peggy says there are always delays in services because of an outdated infrastructure. She challenges listeners to force their politicians to take action and to finally invest in our future—now. Further, she addresses the challenge of the aging workforce and that the younger generation isn’t showing an interest in construction, which makes it more difficult to rebuild roads, bridges, or a smarter infrastructure.

1 IoT Solutions for Oil and Gas
2 The Future of Surface Transportation
3 Fixing Outdated Infrastructure