Welcome to another podcast from the San Diego AMA!

For today’s show, we brought in Rich Rudzinski of Tragic Media.

In the first segment, we discussed Rich’s background and the basics of security prior to launching a website or application. We talked about the most important things to prioritize in this process, as well as some of the big mistakes to steer clear of. The key is proper premeditation in gauging your risk factors.

In the second segment, we dove into the specifics of website maintenance and how to protect your data from security threats. This included common practices like always using SSL and not storing user data locally. One of the tools Rich mentioned for SSL implementation was CloudFlare.

Section three was all about hackers. We discussed several of the major hacking trends to emerge in recent years. Perhaps the most interesting was how hackers these days try to leverage your site data to mine Bitcoin, or use your server power.

The last segment discussed some general bits of advice for both business owners and consumers. We talked about the importance of doing your research before giving out sensitive information. This includes checking the vendor before downloading any sort of application and making sure the program is reliable. We discussed the different types of consumer financial apps like Turbo by Intuit, Wally, Acorns, and more!

See you all next time!