Guest Co-Hosts Clarice Connelly and Sarah Olin

Guest 1: Elaine Duree is the organizer and presenter of Starlight Online Events. She owns Elemental Imagery, is the creator of the Art Tools line EIMA, works in energy medicine, one on one, in group sessions and teaches classes on drawing energy, money manifesting and aligning to the moon. Some of her class titles are Draw to Manifest, Surfing Money Waves, and Magnetic Moon Money. Elaine is a non-profit, book awards creator, public presenter, teacher, author, artist, homeschooling Mother, wife and friend.

Starlight Online Events hosted by Elaine Duree airs events online filled with star speakers. Themes vary month to month, speakers present 10-40 min prerecorded content for viewers to view. Tickets are sold as a monthly subscription at $23 a month. With a monthly subscription viewers have time to view all the content at their leisure, can view past events and already seated for future events. The value is outstanding!

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Guest 2: Sarah Kalil is the founder of Where Stars Go, and an expert in the Unknown (ironic, we know). Sarah works with Trailblazers to create what hasn’t been done before. She believes that Trailblazing is a form of light-working; by shedding light where no one else is even looking, Trailblazers change the way the rest of us see the world. And now more than ever, we need Trailblazers to be successful in their missions.

1 Elaine Duree
2 Sarah Kalil