Soundoff #2
Mary finally knows the Soundoff topic!
Life as a speaker gets weary
A balance for being an author and having an online business
If you’re sitting in traffic… you created it

What Is Your WHAT Wednesday
In the midst of summer

Steve and the Reinvention Radio Crew discuss what they do with their kids during the summer. The importance of exposing your kids to different activities.

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Soul-full Sunday

Mary shares how she is struggling with different aspects of raising teenagers and all that goes along with worrying about your children. The RR Crew share their thoughts on the matter as well as how Mary needs to be doing what she’s meant to be doing, not changing sheets.

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New Media Minute
How Wifi impacts new car production

The Reinvention Radio Crew discuss the impact of WiFi in the car being a standard feature. New Media accessibility is greater all the way around.

Tweet this: Wade says we need to further define the terms for new media.


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