The beautiful Lindsay Valentine, an aspiring Holistic Practitioner, joins us to expand our consciousness around energy and the food that we eat. We discuss everything from what is energy, to conditioning, metabolic damage, intentions, and education around the way we eat food.

This episode is truly a gift of mind expanding thoughts and considerations to take along side of you everyday. What if there was a way you could view the way you eat from a different lens? Feeling disempowered around food? WE got you! You are truly not alone in having the best relationship for food. Even if food isn’t a problem, listen in to how you can make eating a completely different experience including setting intentions, following your intuition, and giving love and positive energy to the meals you eat. This isn’t a fad diet or a recipe for success. This is simply a new place to look and a way of being to try on! Give it a shot. It just might resonate for you!

1 What do you mean food and energy? / 2 Compassion and Healing Herstory / 3 Breaking Through Conditioning / 4 High Vibrational Energy, Moderation, and Actions!