Part I Dr. Hillari and Tim talk about how during the previous week they both manifested the same thing—without either knowing they were focusing on the same thing. They also discuss giving up the old self to allow the space for the new self to be created.
Part II Caller Laurie Gentemo discusses how she creates each day through meditation. She also talks about how as an exercise, she was focusing on manifesting a blue butterfly and found it in an ancient manuscript in Ireland. Finally, Dr. Hillari and Laurie talk about teaching their kids to feel an experience before it happens.
Part III After a bad connection and some technical difficulties speaking with Shirley Bunnell, in Part III (starting at 6:20), Tim talks about how he and his sister manifested the objects they had been focusing on at the Advanced Meditation workshops.
Part IV Continuing the conversation with Shirley Bunnell, she discusses how she manifested a meeting with Dr. Joe Dispenza. The three also talk about the importance of sharing with a community in order to keep the momentum of creative energy flowing.